RoboCoat Controller

My project is to design a controller for an autonomous robotic arm solution.

The main focus of the controller is user experience and ergonomic research which will dictate the form of the object.  Overall aesthetics will be dictated by brand identity and generated research concepts.

The controller must be a handheld object that accompanies a tablet device.  The tablet will be a ‘Bartec Agile X IS Tablet PC’ and will require a system design that allows for controller attachment.


Project Evaluation

I  have reached a point in the project where, although the design is not entirely complete due to limitations with UI design and robot manufacturing, I have fully conceptualised a workable prototype that could be ready for manufacturing, allowing for the longer timescale required for completion of the robotic arm and user interface. This will continue to be within my role as I work for the company and I will work alongside the engineers and future user to perfect the user-centred aspects and functionality of the product. 

My project output consists of: 

1 x ‘Controller’ or ‘Hand Scanner’

1 x ‘Mounting Plate’

1 x UI design sample